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School of Theology


Thinking about furthering your Christian Education? 


You can make an important decision that could significanly improve your walk with God, impact the lives of others, and influence the future of Christendom as a whole. By choosing to ern your degree can set that opportunity in motion.


St. Paul School of Theology is designed to strongly enhance the knowledge, skills and techniques used in the practice of teaching and ministry. Courses provide students with intensive study in the scriptures, developing a deeper understanding of biblical principals and stragegies in order to effectively serve in a variety of roles in ministry. 


Through this program; students are given the opportunity to interact with a variety of recognized church leaders to increase their vision and deepen understanding of the purpose and goals in ministry. The degree is well-suited for pastors, teachers, missionaries, and other church leaders seeking opportunity for professional and personal growth.




Class Schedule 


                                        Wednesday             6pm - 9pm

                                        Friday                       6pm - 9pm  


       St. Paul School of Theology


Two Year (2) Year Course

Four       (4) Semesters


Admission Fees / Cost



$300.00 Semester




We ccept personal checks or money orders 

payable to: 

St. Paul Church of God in Christ


For More information about St. Paul School of Thelogy 

and the degrees it offers contact:


Lorraine McCaskill @ 504.710-8932




"My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge"

                                                                      - Hosea 4:6







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